Bspokr Remedial Massage Therapy - An Introduction

Bspokr Remedial Massage Therapy - An Introduction

Andrea Hayes ·

Bspokr is here to help you engage with the act of practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you're thriving.

Andrea has a wealth of knowledge and a really impressive Massage Therapy resume, working with International Sports Teams / Athletes and International Music Icons who have traveled to Australia.  

When I help you with pain and injuries I do so in a gentle manner as to not cause further pain or injury, I communicate with the you to gauge the depth of pressure that you like, need and want.  
Various methods of massage are utilised during the session with me.  These can include some gentle stretching and joint play to help mobilise the soft tissues.


How can you expect a typical session with Andrea to look like

  • Filling out a Client Information sheet. This gives you the prompts that may be required to tap into the reason you want to come and see us.  Why you are seeking a Remedial Massage Treatment.  It is also the start of the Consent for Massage.
  • A Physical Assessment. And any general history ailments and concern areas.  Some questions will be asked of your injury (s) and how best we should treat this together.  This may also include a Postural Assessment, and general over all movements like a squat and walking.
  • A Physical Examination. Including a Range Of Motion, Special Testing, and palpation (me touching the sore areas and surrounding areas).  ROM testing will involve you doing some specific movements in relation to your pain / soreness.  
  • Massage Time.  When I need to have you get onto the table, most times I will need you to disrobe your clothing, which I will give you instructions on what to take off and leave on, this is done in total privacy.  Then I will let know you know which way to lie on the table and cover yourself with the towel / sheet provided.  

Now we can get into the good part.  The Massage you have come to receive.  

Bspokr is a professional Remedial Massage Therapy practice.  We do adhere to Professional Standards at all times.  Your safety and being comfortable is the upmost importance to us. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!!

We also are working hard to bring you sustainable and locally crafted products from within the Australian, NZ region, which can be brought online and in store to complement your massage!

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