How Remedial Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Posture and Flexibility

How Remedial Massage Therapy Can Improve Your Posture and Flexibility

Andrea Hayes ·

So I've been thinking about how to write this blog post for a few weeks now, I am really passionate about posture and wanting to maintain the best posture I possibly can.  I look at all my past activities and sports accomplishments and wonder if it has all just led me to here.

I purchased a book today, by Tracy Ward, the "Science of Pilates" - Understand the Anatomy and Physiology to perfect your practice.  I brought it as it has beautiful illustrations and well written explanations for strength and and mobility exercises, that can improve health, fitness and mindset... which I am all for!!

If you are a regular client of mine you will know that I love to be able to teach you the WHY.... and explain why I get you to do a particular exercise or movement.  I find there is a great partnership between remedial massage therapy and pilates , its like a great ham and cheese sandwich, you know they just go well together!!

One of the first things we (I) look at when I do an assessment is Posture, so lets learn a little about what it is.

Our posture is an automatic and subconscious activity, it's simply how we hold ourselves!  Very rarely do we think about it. Posture is influenced by gravity, and our environment.  Our posture is maintained and adapted (as it changes so many times throughout the day) by muscle contractions and the nervous system from a range of responses to daily life! (Did you just sit up a little straighter...)

Balance and the ability to resist gravity relies on having some adequate posture.  Our muscles, and skeleton must be strong enough to be able to hold our body upright.  Most people have no difficulty in standing upright (baring any injuries) others find that they have muscle aches and pains caused by tight muscles, stiff joints and over a period of cause time weakening of muscles.  This can cause our joints to become unstable and place excess stress on these muscles and joints.  If this is over a prolonged period of time and remains uncorrected can cause soft tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments) and joint dysfunctions, which restrict movements and cause paint occur.

Wow, that's alot to take in.

So how does Remedial Massage Therapy play a role in your posture!!  

When you receive a Massage by Bspokr Remedial Massage,  posture is improved by the loosening of tight muscles and release of muscle tension.

Mobility of joints also increases during a massage due to the specific techniques used throughout the massage. By reducing muscle tightness and increasing mobility to help improve posture, stress that has been placed on your decreases. A decrease in stress and improvement in posture will reduce pain you have been experiencing.  A massage also stimulates the release of positive hormones within the body that all encourage relaxation. When your posture has improved and pain is reduced positive hormones that circulate the body can give person a sense of relief and can give a happy mood feeling, both contributing to increased relaxation.

If you are experiencing back pain and you notice you are always trying to stretch out your back, let's go over some posture related exercises and stretches to work in conjunction with regular massages.  

You don't need to be suffering with poor posture!  It might just need a bit of tweaking!!



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