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Uggghhh... My neck, my back, my hips, my legs, my shoulders, my lower back, my gluteus all ache!!  Does this sound familiar?
What a pain, pain is. There are so many causes of pain and how we adapt, ignore and suffer through it.
What causes pain so much? And how can I help you.

Pain can be hard to define and understand. It helps warn of injury / disease. As a therapist we need to ask a variety of questions to try and understand about how your pain is being experienced. At Bspokr, we understand the complexities of pain and are committed to providing you with the best solutions.

Let us help you navigate through your unique journey towards pain relief.

Do you have pain now?

Where is the pain?

Does it refer to other areas? Does it start in the shoulder but travel up into your head?

Can you describe the pain? Is it sharp, dull, achy or hot?

How is the pain on a scale - Mild? Moderate? Severe?


On a scale of 1 - 10 what would you give your pain?

How long does it last for?

How often does it occur?

What relieves the pain?

What aggravates the pain?

Are your daily activities limited?

Are there any other symptoms associated with this condition? For example, is there any numbness, tingling, headache, nausea? Did you know that your muscles also hold onto pain due to an emotional response you may of had to something in the past!

Can you answer any of these questions and still not be able to have any relief or help with it?

One of the first thing I may talk to you about or mention to you after we go through some or if not all of these questions is your posture.

Did you know I start assessing you from when I first see you at the front door!! I was after all trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist.  

I'm an observer... I look at how you are standing, and walking. I notice your posture and how you hold yourself. Your posture can tell me a lot about where you might need some attention, about where you might have some tightness and pain.

Feel free to forward this onto a friend or family member to get in touch with me to discuss what they may need.  Any locals on the Mornington Peninsula are welcome.

Andrea xx

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